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  Important Information

For you to work in a locum position we need certified copies of the following documents:

  • Your current registration
  • Your primary medical degree
  • Post graduate qualifications
  • Evidence of current medical indemnity
  • Photo ID (passport or drivers license)

Please note: As your new employee may ask to view your registration and your photo id you will need to carry copies of these documents when you start the locum post. Having these on hand will save you time and money as you may be delayed in starting your post without them.

If you have full registration to practice in one Australian state or territory, you will be able to work in all other Australian states and territories based on an agreement called Mutual Recognition.

To apply for registration in another state or territory you can download the application forms from each medical board’s website, or ask us to send them to you.

It’s important to fill out the Mutual Recognition form as soon as you have received confirmation of a locum position as applications can take up to two weeks to process.

Your Medicare provider number
You will be required in Australia by Medicare Australia to take up a new provider number for each new location you work in – even for short locum posts.

Applying for a provider number is easy. You can download the application or we can send it to you. To give yourself enough time you will need to submit your application at least 14 working days (about three weeks) before the date of your new post.

The different states may take up to six weeks to process the applications. This will not affect your placement but to speed things up it’s useful to write a covering letter stating when you are starting your position and making it clear that you need your provider number as soon as possible.

For further information you can contact Medicare Australia on 132 150.

Before you start your locum post you must have adequate indemnity cover. It’s highly recommended that you have private indemnity insurance. When you commence a locum please check with your indemnity insurance provider that you will be covered for the work you are about to do. For your own professional practice please follow up on the latest Australian medical indemnity issues as they arise.

Hospitals policy which indemnifies their own staff may offer this indemnity to locums. However, this is at the discretion of hospital and you will need to ensure exactly what you are covered for before commencing the locum.

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